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Dec 31, 2007 02:35 PM

Steak lunch in Buffalo - help wanted

I am meeting Toronto friends at BUF later this week - 6 hrs between their two arrival flights; so we, my buddy arriving first and I, thought we'd wile away the time with a top quality steak lunch to welcome the New Year. I know not many of the steak palaces are open for lunch except McMahon's ? Any recommendations ? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Not really a steakhouse, but there has been some good things said recently about the lunch at O'Connell's: . It is in a rather unexpected location, but quite easy to get to. Check the menu to see if it fits your needs.

    1. Black & Blue Steak & Crab is open for lunch and is only 10 minutes north of the Airport. A new, top-notch steak-house and your best bet for a good steak lunch, without driving into the city.
      Most Direct Route Is: Take Cayuga Road north, right onto Wherle, Wherle will curve 90degrees to the left and go under thruway, continue going straight through lights, Wherle becomes Garrison Road, cross Main St and Garrison becomes Evans, right turn onto Sheridan Drive, restaurant on right in Williamsville Place Plaza. Or use Google maps.
      This is their website, but you will need to click on their Rochester location to view their lunch menu.

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        We ended up going to Black and Blue - thanks for the suggestion, jerryc123.
        It is a not very well signed free-standing restaurant in a mall complex - tall ceilings, lots of glass, several tiers of tables and banquettes in a large space - a trifle chilly temperature-wise on a cold day. It was quite full when we arrived at 1:30, nearly empty when we left after 3 - no sense of being rushed, by the way.

        The beef is excellent - steaks done exactly to order with that special tangy flavour characteristic of good beef.

        The rest is as the service - a work in progress: the wait staff slightly mannered and formulaic, though full of good intentions. When informed the Caesar Salad was not too garlicky, they offered to make mine more so - when the plate arrived it had CHUNKS of garlic added - easy enough to scrape off but quite a shock with the first mouthful ! My filet was toothsome, with a weakish horseradish cream sauce (you get your choice of five) while my friend told me his striploin was also great. I tasted his red-wine demi glace and thought it a bit off, not unpleasant but perhaps boosted by an additive ? Sides are served in attractive metal dishes - his mashed potatoes were dead, unbuttery, flavour-light - and an unattractive off-ochre colour. My cheddar fries were good, though the cheddar was dusted, not melted, on the spuds. Banana Cream Pie was stodgy, the custard overcooked and artificial-tasting, the oreo crust overpowering the subtle banana and custard layers. A good variety of wines: be sure you get what you order. No offer to decant - we enjoyed our cab sauv/cab franc/merlot mixture out of California. And my friend had a reasonably priced glass of 20 yr old tawny port to finish.

        All in all a pleasant lunch for $200 with tip (but $80 of that was wine) - I think this place will be top rate as its staff, cooks and waiters alike, gain experience.