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Dec 31, 2007 02:34 PM

Soul Food in Asheville

Besides the Moose Cafe, J & S and Cracker Barrel, where might we get a meal tomorrow that will have good collards and black eyed peas for my husband that will also serve other cuisine so that I might partake in the meal also (I can't tolerate the thought of black eyed peas).

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  1. And the Ritz is closed until February 1st.

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      there's not much open today, you can find out whose open by going to, that's asheville independent restaurants website and there is a special holiday hours schedule. At first glance it looked like only the Grove Park Inn and local bars with food were open. They do have the phone #s posted as well, maybe you can call and ask if there are any food specials featuring these dishes.
      I'd try Ed Boudreaux's BBQ.