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Dec 31, 2007 02:20 PM

Babymoon New York culinary itinerary

My wife and I are visiting New York City from the San Francisco area for a weeklong vacation from Jan. 16-22 as a last hurrah before our baby is born. Here are the places where we've secured reservations.

*Dinner at Mesa Grill (1/16)
*Lunch at Per Se (1/18)
*Dinner at Gramercy Tavern (1/19)
*Lunch at Bouley (1/21)

Any suggestions for other places we should try? A couple of other places we've heard about: Clinton Street Bakery Company and Zabar's.

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  1. You're here for a week, what kinds of cuisines do you want to have? What's your price range (I see Per Se on your list...)? Have you traveled to New York City before -- where did you dine, and what did you think? Any dietary restrictions due to your wife's pregnancy?

    Zabar's is a gourmet grocery / housewares store, not a restaurant, BTW. Are you looking for more gourmet shopping experiences?

    Here is a thread from this past summer on NYC vs. SF in terms of food:

    I hope you have space in your itinerary for RGR's famous Lower East Side noshing tour:

    For more quintessential NY foods and restaurants check out these threads:

    1. Since you've covered some of the big stops maybe consider some excellent smaller establishments for a different NY offering. UPTOWN: If you're visiting the Met or other museums uptown there's a few places you could stop at that are within walking for a pregnant mom-2-be: Saint Ambroseus on Madison for excellent gelato and Italian desserts (they also have a great, chic restuarant in the back with excellent pest that I ate while pregnant), La Maison du Choclat has decadent luscious "chocolat chaud" and chocolate desserts, Neue Galerie museum (the small Austrian museum set up by the Lauder family) has Cafe Sabarsky (new Viennese) with lovely coffee and desserts, off Madison nearby there's teh lovely and chic Lady M., an amazing shop that looks as special as it's desserts (must have is the Millefeuille layer cake), Via Quadronno a tiny place filled with Italian expats flocking for delicious coffee and real pannini and tramezzini. DOWNTOWN: Cafe Fellai on Lafayette between Prince and Spring Streets is a cool spot by a chef with a pastry background so the bread and pastas are very well done. It's a subway white tile simple room with great NY edge. P.S. Across from Bouley Bakery is a takeout Bouley bakery if you want to take back snacks for your wife!

      1. You can do so much better than Mesa Grill. Maybe 10 or 15 years ago the food could be considered interesting but now it's just tired and even chain restaurants have caught up.