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Dec 31, 2007 02:19 PM

Hamburgers in the Pacific Northwest?

where's your favorite place to get a hamburger in northwest washington (seattle, marysville, bellingham, vancouver, etc).

I'm gonna be out there for a while and I'm looking for something good!

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  1. Red Mill get all the "best in Seattle" notices, but I like Blue Moon Burgers. Tasty burgers, lots of variety in the fixin's, and great fries and hand-dipped shakes to go with.


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      Porter's in Medford Oregon at happy hour in lounge. Get Giddy menu


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        Blue Moon also gets the fries and rings right.

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        1. Duke's Chowderhouse does a great burger. Nice sourdough bun. The Duke Wester Burger is really good. It's not a burger but the bbq chicken burger is also a good choice. Go during happy hour if you want to have a good cheap beer with your burger.

          1. I like Red Mill for fast-food style burgers and The Palace Kitchen in downtown Seattle for a restaurant style burger.

            1. I can't speak for Portland, but Seattle is pretty underwhelming at the "low end" -- I mean, sorry to all the long-time Seattlites, but I am not very impressed with Dick's. Red Mill & the various McMeniman's (sp?) are OK, but maybe a little $$ to qualify as fast food?

              Anyway, at the high end, you can get some pretty great "gourmet" burgers. My favorite has to be the Wagyu beef burger at Quinn's in Capitol Hill (Pike/10th Ave). I can't remember if it comes with bacon, but get it with bacon. I don't know what's in those burgers, but wow. Quinn's is probably followed in my esteem by Palace Kitchen downtown (5th Ave/Virginia).

              BTW, as a visitor- both places are very much worth visiting even if you don't get the burgers, but both get crazy crowded and don't take reservations.

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                I think the problem with Dick's is that people expect it to be something it's not. Dick's is not supposed to be a great burger. Dick's is an alternative to McDonalds. Compare the Dick's Cheeseburger to on from McDonalds and the Dick's Deluxe to a Big Mac. It comes up much better in that light.

                I have a big problem with Burgers from most places like Red Mill and the like. By the time I get a burger with cheese and bacon, and fries, I'm usually spending $7 or $8. Then I think about the Burger at Palace Kitchen or The Jones and realize I can get one that is much better for just a small bit more.

                If I HAD to pick a great $4 burger in Seattle though, I'd probably say Ballard Brothers is best.

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                  I've had the Quinn's and Palace Kitchen burgers for the first time in the past few weeks and I like the Quinn's better. The smokey flavor is much sweeter and appealing as is the quality of the meat. The aoili they use on the burger also really tasty. I have to say I'm a big fan of Red Mill still, I like the thinner patties and I don't walk away feeling heavy and gross like I do when I eat a larger fattier burger at a fancy restaurant. As for McMenimens those are really good if you get one in Portland, they have a serious problem preparing them here for some crazy reason, overdone and without any love. Quality control sux here in their Seattle restaurants.

                  Also if you haven't seen this, here's a funny clip of Bill Gates eating at Dick's that appeared on "60 Minutes"