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Dec 31, 2007 02:11 PM

Knives for both right- and left-handed Shun Classic lovers

I'm currently looking for a new set of knives for my kitchen; Shun Classic are my strong preference. However, I am left-handed and my fiancee is right-handed, which creates a bit of a problem given that Shun Classic knives have a D-shaped handle that doesn't swing both ways.

No matter how much I love the Shun Classic, shelling out for two sets of knives just isn't within my budget. Does anyone know of a similar knife to the Shun Classic, with regards to balance, handfeel and quality?

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  1. The reason the Shun Classics (specifically) are designated as either right or left handed is due to asymetrical edge bevel. Many Japanese knives or Western styled Japanese blades are beveled only one side or the other side of the blade is only beveled at an angle less than 10 degrees. I suggest you look at knives that utilize a 50/50 bevel,so either of you can use them. Check out AG Russell Damascus line and Kasumi Damascus. I believe the Kasumi line uses a 50/50 bevel.

    1. The Shun Elite line is ambidextrous. Lighter knives though...and harder steel.

      You might want to check out the new Wusthof Ikon line.