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Feb 22, 2001 04:23 PM

cafe del rey

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i ventured to this upscale restaurant in marina del rey earlier this week. the atmosphere is pleasant. there is a view of the harbor and a piano being played in the lounge. all the food i tried was good, but i don't know if there was anything i would say was incredible. i had the filet mignon wrapped in boar bacon. i also sampled the seafood tower, porkchops, & ahi tuna. i'd say the filet mignon was the best of the bunch. i sampled two desserts - the chocolate timbale and creme brulee - both were good. consistent, good food but for $60 per person, i wanted just a bit more. overall, a nice dining experience though.

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  1. Not a bad place but I've often (not always but often) found the noise level to be a major distraction from the quality of the food.

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      I've been there a few times. It's a nice location on the water. They have a number of interesting and creative dishes though some are "a little too creative", and I've found the food to be inconsistent. They do have a nice wine list though.

      It's close to LAX, so I generally go there when I have to drop someone off late.