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Dec 31, 2007 12:24 PM

Searching for bliss in Providence

My husband and I spent a weekend in Portland recently and finally had a chance to try Fore Street--it was one of the best meals ever. In a couple of weeks we'll be in Providence, and while we don't expect to find anything quite so amazing as Fore Street (no offence, Providence--we live in Boston and nothing here is its match either) we'd love to come as close as possible. Where? Where?

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  1. Chez Pascal.

    Alternatively, La Laiterie or New Rivers. But for bliss? Chez Pascal.

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    1. re: celeriac

      As always, I highly recommend Chez Pascal...

    2. bacaro,new restaurant from the former chef at al fornos ,brian kingsford

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      1. re: asegidoc

        Reviews on Bacaro are very VERY mixed - I would not recommend it for "bliss". I'd have to also go w/Chez Pascal or La Laiterie.

      2. The only places I would say are possibly comparable are New Rivers and Chez Pascal. New Rivers prides itself in working with farmers and sustainable products, which is always nice.

        1. Gracie's. Gracie's is so much better then any of the other places previously mentioned. Get the fois gras and the gnocci. Yum. Or splurge and get the tasting menu paired with wine. Go on a Sunday if you can - you will get amazing service because you will be the only one there. You can sit in the bar and have the handsome knowledgeable bartender wait on you.

          1. I would second wife and I are big fans. Cav is also very good, but we haven't been in a while.