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Dec 31, 2007 12:19 PM

What and where are your fave meals ever? Any price - high or low.

Naples, FL: Keftedes and moussaka at Greek Gourmet
Memphis, TN: Beale Street Burger and homemade potato chips at Corky's BBQ
Las Vegas, NV: Osso bucco on mushroom risotto at Red Square (Mandalay Bay), with frozen lemon mousse for dessert
Anywhere: Petite filet, medium rare, at Ruths Chris
Orlando, FL: clam chowder at my house
Orlando, FL: Zen Experience Roll sushi at Zen, Omni Resort, with frozen lychee mousse for dessert
Orlando, FL: butternut squash ravioli and truffle parmesan fries at Harvey's Bistro

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  1. Royal Oak MI: Red Coat Tavern burger with house made onion rings
    Tawas MI: Lake perch dinner at Barnacle Bills
    Coupeville WA: Mussels at Tobys Tavern
    Las Vegas NV: Steak frites at Mon Ami Gabi
    London England: Chicken Tagine at some Moroccan place near Covent Garden (can't remember the name) with mint tea
    Harrow England: Every single thing we tried at Heritage Indian restaurant
    Oak Park MI: Chicken Shawarma, hummus, baba ganoush at Pita Cafe with a raw juice smoothie

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    1. re: coney with everything

      Washington, DC - Komi (17th/P)
      One of the best meals ever!

    2. Gnocchi with a brown butter/sage leaf "sauce" at a tiny trattoria outside of Trento.

      A chili-dog w/ onions and cheese (and a side of cheese fries) on the Atlantic city Boardwalk.

      Turkey with sauerkraut at Sara Evosovich's restaurant (gone forever) in Pittsburgh.

      Full dinner at Mama Maria's restaurant in South Philadelphia while a HUGE family celebrated Holy Communion for no fewer than five young girls and boys.

      Every dinner at the Victor Cafe, also Philadelphia. So-so food, terrific singing.

      Crab cakes in Seattle.

      1. This is my current dreamy'll change in a week I am sure.

        Philly - Blueberry pancakes, Amish Eating Place @ Reading Terminal Market
        Tampa, FL - Chicken on Rice Vermicelli and Spicy Chicken w/ Lemongrass and Onions @ Pho Quyen
        Tampa, FL - Naked Burrito Bowl @ Qdoba (I swear that there is something addictive about their rice!)
        Israel, near Masada somewhere - BBQ Chicken
        Tel Aviv, Israel - Chicken Schwarma

        1. Seafood platter and king crab legs at Sabella’s of Marin (now defunct).
          Joe’s burger at Polo’s in San Francisco (now defunct) and at Original Joe’s in San Francisco.
          Top sirloin steak at “the best restaurant in Fairbanks” (Alaska), name forgotten).
          Praline parfait at Tu Jague’s, New Orleans
          Shrimp fried rice at Tu Lan, San Francisco.
          Blackened redfish with shrimp hollandaise at Ralph & Kacoo’s, New Orleans. Also the crab platter and crawfish platter.
          Filet of sole at Original Joe’s, San Francisco (“We feed heavy, we feed good”).
          Apple tart a la mode at Clift Hotel, San Francisco.
          Dinners for 3, 4,,5, 6, etc., at Sun Hung Heung, San Francisco (now defunct).
          Mystery stir-fry shrimp dish (not on menu) at Tommy Toy’s, San Francisco.
          Luncheon shrimp salad at Old N’Awlins in N.O. (sadly defuncted by Katrina).
          Fried soft-shell crab at the Old Ebbett Grill in D.C.
          Roast smoked pork loin at Kuleto’s, San Francisco.
          Alderspring Ranch rib-eye steak. Best steak I’ve ever had; grass-fed; mail order; high demand; get in line.
          Home-prepared Dungeness crab louis, with sourdough French bread.
          Home-prepared loin and rib lamb chops

          1. Williamsburg, VA: Baked ham sandwich with extra house dressing at the Cheese Shop.
            Cape May, NJ: Sunday brunch at Alexander's Inn
            Boothbay Harbor, ME: ploughman's lunch at Crump's Tea Room (no longer in business)