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Dec 31, 2007 11:06 AM

Where to find Lard in Manhattan?

I need lard for a recipe however I don't know the 1st place to try to find in manhattan? a speciality butcher or my local food emporium? any suggestions.....

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  1. Most supermarkets carry lard. It is in a green and white box where you would find your butter and margarine items. I believe Armour is the brand.

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      Armour is processed commercial lard go to your local butcher for the real stuff.

    2. i've seen supermarket brand lard sold at the morton williams on 23rd and 2nd. It is in the fresh meat section and is sold in a plastic soup container.

      1. What kind of recipe is it?

        For baking or making most stuff, you can use the regular supermarket-grade processed lard. It's shelf-stable and has been bleached/hydrogenated. For the type of cured lard you use in larding a piece of meat, or for lardons for salad, you can go to the Italian grocery in the Chelsea market.

        1. If it's for baking you might want leaf lard. You can usually find that from the pork stands at Union Square market. But just plain jane lard, it's in the meat counters of the Gristede's and Associated stores on the UES. Any of the grocery stores in Spanish Harlem will have something for you.

          1. Don't waste your money on the stuff in a can.