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Stillwater...new restaurant in Downers Grove

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What a terrible dining experience.....waited an hour to be served a simple glass of wine...then waited another hour to be served our meal, which was sooo average it was unbelievable. The owner stood around at the entryway chatting people up when he should have been back in the kitchen working his crew.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect setup of a "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares" episode!

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      Lest I seem too glib, I should add...I *really* want this place to do well, but I've heard too many poor to mediocre things from sources/people I trust and lately our nights out are too few and far between to try somewhere that's not getting uniformly good reviews. If I start hearing better things, then I'm there in a flash!

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        I went with a family group of 12 for a Christmas Eve late lunch and we all enjoyed the meal. the place was almost empt so it was hard to judge how service would be on a normal occasion, but our experience was positive and I think my family will be visiting again, although maybe without the younger kids.