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Dec 31, 2007 10:32 AM

Cary, NC- Thai and Chinese restaurants

Looking for a good Pad Thai dish in Cary NC. Also good General Tsoa's chicken. Wondering if anyone has been to any good places. I have tried Red Bowl Bistro (might technically be in Apex) and wasn't impressed. Any places you can recommend would be appreciated!! Thanks!

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  1. Sawadee off Capital in Raleigh has best pad thai hands down. Daughter is anti spice child and ALWAYS orders pad thai when ever we go out for Thai. Sushi Thai on Kildaire might pass if desperate, Thai Villa's (off Buck Jones) is missing egg, Viva Thai (on Maynard in Cary) doesn't measure up. I think Tangerine Cafe on Old Apex/Cary Pky might have it on menu. We always find ourselves driving to Raleigh for Sawadee, worth the trip in all aspects.

    General Tso - good luck. Mama Wok in preston used to have a decent version. All others we have tried have been too sweet. Mama Wok is now closed, a Thai restaurant slated to go in.

    Let us know how your venture goes. I too find Red Bowl an EXTREME disappointment. Bland, Americanized food.

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      I recently had the pad thai at Tangerine Cafe. It is fresh, with quality ingredients, but it is not a particularly "authentic" version. The sauce is a little mild and the flavors seem mellowed for the American palate. Not bad, but not what you're looking for if you have a hankerin' for hard core Thai food.

      Loved their chicken satay though... Big juicy hunks o' chicken, unlike the thin, overcooked leather straps you often get.

    2. I moved from Cary a few months ago, but our favorite Thai place was Viva Thai on Maynard -- probably been 6+ months since we've been there though. Haven't been to Sawasdee, but never cared for Thai Villa. Sushi Thai is just okay, and Wasabi in MacGregor Village is a notch better.

      1. Try the Lotus Leaf in the Northwoods Market shopping center at the corner of Harrison and Maynard. Fresh food and really good specials - the pho is outstanding.

        My husband also likes the General Tso's at, of all places, Shanghai Garden on Harrison. Not much to look at, but the food's pretty good.

        1. General Tso is very good at Fortune Palace, 2815 Brentwood Rd. off Capital Blvd. in Raleigh. Every thing we have had from the traditional Asian menu has been excellent. Most of the items from the Americanized menu have been very good, some just good.

          1. We've found Viva Thai at Maynard & Chatham very inconsistent. Sometimes it is great, sometimes barely tolerable. The King & I at Maynard & Reedy Creek has good noodle dishes, but I'm not a fan of their other dishes. But that may suit your needs!

            Neo-China in Cary does have General Tso's but I'm not sure how it is. In general, their food is very Americanized Chinese but they do enough volume that it is very fresh.