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Nashville, TN Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza?

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Where can one get REAL Chicago Style DEEP Dish Pizza. Not simply a pan pizza as so many around here call deep dish, but the REAl McCoy?

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  1. Simple answer: One CANNOT get real Chicago-style DEEP Dish Pizza in Nashville!

    The closest I have found to real Chicago-style pizza in the mid-south is Brothers Pizza in Owensboro, KY. If you don't feel like driving the two hours, might I suggest having an authentic one delivered from Chicago? Lou Malnati's, Gino's East, and Giordano's all ship overnight. Though I definitely like Malnati's the best "in person," I think the Giordano's pizza holds up the best through the shipping/reheating process.

    1. FWIW: found this in the Nashville Scene:

      With real Gonnella rolls shipped—along with all of their key ingredients—from Chicago, this small Nolensville eatery lives up to its name with a flavorful, spicy, delectably dripping rendition of the classic Windy City Italian beef sandwich. Their extensive menu also includes Vienna all-beef hot dogs, gyros, deep-dish pizzas and burritos.

      Category: BURGERS & DELI
      Location: 5017 Nolensville Pk, 837-3490
      Hours: 10 am-11pm daily

      1. Unfortunately jamiecarroll is right. Trying to find real Chicago Deep Dish in Nashville is like trying to find real BBQ in Chicago.

        I have been to the Lou Malnati's on Roselle in Schaumburg and there is nothing like it in Nashville (lived for 39 years). There are a few decent New York Style (Pizza Pie) places (Mannie's House of Pizza in the Arcade Downtown and Joey's in Maryland Farms). If you really crave Chicago style, order some from their tastesofchicago website.

        1. I haven't lived in Nashville since '85 but then there was a great spot right across from TGIFRIDAYS next to the Vandy campus called Obies Chicago Style Flying Tomato Pan Pizza that made the classic Chicago deep dish pizza in the cast iron pans. Two slices and I was always stuffed! Be a real shame if this place is gone.

          1. I found this in a 2007 restaurant publication for Vandy students. So Obies was still there in 2007.
            Obie’s Pizzeria
            2217 Elliston Place (327-4772)
            Pizza, $, V/M/A/D
            M-R 10am-1am; F-Sa 10am-2am; Su 4pm-12am
            Thick, really thick. This is the deepest dish pizza you’re likely to find outside Chicago. Expect a real dive; there are only a few tables, even fewer employees, and scarce silverware. However, the pizza is really tasty and it’ll fill you up quickly. As they cook each pizza to order, the wait can be upwards of 45

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              In my youth at Vanderbilt, Obie's was simply the best. But having never eaten pizza in Chicago, I can't tell if it is Chicago style deep dish or merely pan pizza.

            2. I have had the Chicago-style deep dish from Chicago Style Italian Beef (Nolensville Rd), and it is the real deal:

              - Cheese on the bottom
              - Then the meat/veg
              - Sauce on top

              That is Chi-style deep dish. This one is decent by Chicago standards: I can taste the oregano in the thick, rich sauce, which I really like... but the crust was just a tad chewy. But... it is authentic, and (to my knowledge) it is nowhere else in Nashville, so I am grateful.

              Re: Obie's deep dish
              -- Obie's makes (or made, anyway, when I lived downtown a few yrs ago...) a decent deep dish pie... but it's not Chicago-style deep dish. If you want Chi-style, try the place on Nolensville Rd.