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Dec 31, 2007 09:41 AM

Feed Me Feed Me Feed Me Feed Me Feed Me Feed Me

What restaurant did the best job of feeding you in 2007?

What joint did you find yourself returning to time and time again because you knew you were going to be fed...fed well...fed tastily...fed til the cows came home.

I have a million contenders[if Slims wasn't 1000 miles from here they would win]:Taqueria El Rinconsito,Sam's,Little Thailand,Tacos El Rico,Gene's,Willie's,La Michoacana's deli,Taqueria Diego,Los Altos,Backstage,Reggie's....the list is endless but this is a zero sum question and there can be only one.


Yeah,I said it.When the chips are down and you need a plate of deliciousness with no nonsense,no scene and no cognoscenti my spot is Galloways.The man's menu is totally diverse offering food from all major food groups[Salt,Fat,White Flour and Sugar].When you prove to be a repeat customer the plates get bigger and bigger conjuring an E.12th St. version of the groaning board.

Two squares a day are available.A very fine breakfast...flapjacks,biscuits,fried eggs,sausage et al...lunch however is the real star.Any given day may feature Beef Tips,Chicken and Dumplings,Pork Steak,Meatloaf,Fried Chicken...all the side vegetables are good southern style offerings.Greens,Blackeyes,Mashers,Mac and Cheese,Pinto Beans et al.Cornbread comes with and is good,real good once you slather it with butter or one of the very good gravies.Finish things off with a slab of the best Sweet Potato pie in Austin and you just got fed.

Galloways doesn't receive the acclaim of the more popular restaurants [Lola's,Hoovers,Threadgills etc] but this man is serious about his soul food.

It is the finest Austin has to offer.

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  1. I enjoyed Galloway's this year. Very good choice, sir.

    Mine has been Lola's.

    Too bad Ben's Longbranch is no more -- last time I checked. The Soul Food Wednesdays were very much in line with Galloway's fare.

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    1. re: Mersenne twister

      Mine has been Galaxy Café. It became my favorite after walking or running townlake stop off for weekend breakfast. The BF and I ate there almost every weekend during the summer. We still haven’t treated ourselves to the delicious looking stuffed French toast. But everything else we have tried is great. We have even hit it up a few times for lunch and have always been satisfied.

    2. #1 - The return of Mother's. #2 - Juan in a Million - The name says it all. #3 - Flip Happy Crepes (the people are as beautiful as the crepes). John

      1. Gotta say it, hands down Lambert's!! It is my dining room. From the warm greetings by all, always excellent service, innovative comfort food. This is coming from a gal who really isn't even a big meat-eater. Just have to give them props, have not been disappointed in fact I am wowed each time I return and no I do not work there.

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        1. re: gulch

          Expensive: Uchi is the best. Cheap: Sam's BBQ is the best. Biggest discoveries of 2007: Sazon (S. Lamar) and Pastor on E. Riverside.

        2. Who fed us the most and fed us well in 2007?
          Tacodeli and Ruby's BBQ
          It works well for our small family dynamic. Our toddler doesn't care for fancy stuff like waitstaff, but the food at these two joints is great.

          1. For me and the bf its gotta be: 1) Korea House, 2) Tomo Sushi, 3) Curra's.