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Dec 31, 2007 09:39 AM

Meh tacos from Taqueria la Mexicana; what should I have ordered?

So over the weekend, I grabbed an assorted trio of tacos from Taqueria la Mexicana in Union Square. Totally bland, totally boring, especially as compared to the great tacos from Tacos Lupita down the street.

I know this place has a great reputation on the board, so I'm guessing I chose the wrong items; what should I have ordered?

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  1. I know everyone here loves this place, but I feel like it has gone downhill in the past two years. What used to be a great, different from the rest, Mexican/Salvadoran joint is now just run of the mill.

    I am scared to think what is going to happen when they open a real restaurant next door.

    1. Chiles rellenos, enchiladas (esp. enchiladas rellenos), nachos (crazy isn't it), zuma de mango. We've never gotten tacos there so I can't comment on those, but their burritos can be a bit boring.

      1. I like the tacos - sorry you hit them on an off night. I always get tamales.

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          OT, but almansa, have you tried Three Amigos yet? Just curious...

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            *totally* OT, and *awesome*. I just moved from Andover to Boston, miss Three Amigos (why is it not 'Tres Amigos'?) very much as I can no longer get motivated to drive to Stoneham. Would highly recommend it for anyone living North of the city.

        2. if it's within your limits, TLM's tongue tacos are really superb (much better than Lupita's).

          other than tacos, I'll echo the recommendations above for chiles rellenos and tamales, plus their "chicken mole" dish (it's not what I think of as a mole, but it's really good anyway).

          I've been going to TLM for a dozen years or more and haven't noticed any slide in quality. and aren't they really just mexican, rather than mexican/salvadorean? don't see how they could even pretend to be salvadorean without pupusas. ;)

          1. The only thing I avoid at TLM is burritos, which for some reason always come out a bit squelchy there. I like their tacos, enchiladas and tamales. And flautas, although with those I always check first to make sure there aren't any already sitting under the heat lamp next to the register. Good juices, too.