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Dec 31, 2007 09:38 AM

New Year's Eve or other Special nights no show reservations[moved from Los Angeles board]

Alright so I have a reservation for tonight at a restaurant and I am not feeling so well. If I call them they have my credit card number to hold the reservations and I have to give them a 48 hour cancellation notice. Yes I did know this ahead of time...if I call in and cancel should I be pissed off or not? They say it is due to the purchasing of the food already. Any advice?

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  1. If it makes you feel better to be p*ssed offf, feel free, but you still have to pay the charge.
    This practice is the unfortunate backlash result of people making reservations at several restaurants and then never bothering to cancel the unused reservations potentially preventing the restaurant from offering those reservations to other would be customers.This is especially true for "Big Ticket" events, EG: NYE, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc. If the restaurant cannot fill those tables, they are out the revenue. There are plenty of small, neighborhood restaurants that don't charge a 'no show'. If this is something that annoys/upsets you, then make sure in the future to choose a restaurant that doesn't adhere to this policy. The only time a restaurant MAY let you out of the charge would be if you could produce some documentation, EG: Hospital ER discharge summary, Since a visit to the local ER would cost more than the restaurant charge, it wouldn't make any sense

    1. You have little to lose by calling. If you explain the circumstances, the restaurant might not charge you. Also, if you call sooner than later, the restaurant might be able to fill the spot from a wait-list and would be less inclined to want to charge you. If you are charged, then you should not be pissed since that was a term to which you agreed at the time you made the reservation. However, unless the restaurant has been burned a lot in the past, I would hope it would be flexible about its policy.

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        New Trial
        Good for you for taking the high road and for giving others (In this case, the restaurant's Mgmt staff) credit for being so fair minded. I think you're 100% correct: It certainly wouldn't hurt to make the call and try. Perhaps the restaurant has a waiting list and , in the spirit of the season, will give the OP a break.
        Thanks for tempering my cynicism with some optimism. :-)