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Dec 31, 2007 09:16 AM

What to get at Chiaparelli's

I know there are probably a lot of you that don't like Chiaparelli's.... but for those of you who do what do you get (besides the salad)?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I grew up with several sets of italian immigrant grandparents, "aunts," "uncles," and "cousins," so I have a real fondness for the italian american food that is served in many of the Little Italy restaurants. Even of those Chiaparelli's isn't my favorite, so I haven't been in a long time. (I rely on the festivals to get my salad fix!) But I remember loving their penne con vodka when I was younger, and I think my dad used to always get their lasagna, so you might give one of those a try!

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      Thanks! We usually go to Sabatino's (again I know there are people that don't like this place either) but we wanted to try something different. I was thinking to get pasta cause it looks like a lot of it is homemade.

      It seems like people are very picky about Little Italy places and no one can agree on what is best.

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        Never need to make an excuse to me for admitting to liking the Little Italy restaurants! (Including Sabatinos, which I often recommend if I get an inkling that's the sort of "italian" food someone is looking for.) I'm not sure if it's that some people go there with expectations of italy-italian athenticity and come away dissappointed, or that I've let my taste bud judgment be clouded by my childhood memories ... but I completely agree they get a bum rap on Chowhound. (Might be a combo of both). Often makes me sad. Anyhow, I agree with the statement below that if you stick with the pastas you should be fine.

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          Charmedgirl, totally agree. For what it does (serve up plentiful albeit basic Southern Italian), Chiapp's delivers. The salad is a classic and the homemades - the pastas - are great. Stick with those and you won't go wrong. Personally, the Mom Chiapparellli's raviolis (now called Grandmom's I think) are the best, get it with Marinara sauce.

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          Can't dis' Sabatino's. It's an institution. Plus, they're open late night. Agree with all the other posters that at Chiaparelli's I have always stuck with the pastas and never gone wrong.

      2. I was there on Saturday and two at our table had the gnocchi, home-made they said, one had ravioli, and the child had spaghetti and asked for another portion. It looks like if you stick to one of the pastas, you will enjoy it. And everyone, even the kid, finished off the salad.

        1. I've always thought that Chiaperelli's and Sabatino's were nearly identical, right down to the salad dressing. You might even call them carbonara copies of each other.

          BTW, I like both.

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            "Carnonara copies"? I am so jealous....

            1. re: Mister Big

              Nope, the salad dressings are totally different. I worked at Chiapparelli's during my college years. The dressing for each big bowl of salad is made from scratch. Consistency is totally different. Chiapp's dressing is not nearly as thick and cheesy as Sab's.

            2. The original comment has been removed