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Feb 16, 2001 11:57 AM

Hatuey Beer

  • j

I've been looking for a store, or a distributor, that carries Hatuey beer. It's pretty easy to find on the East Coast, but I've had no luck in the L.A. area.

Any ideas? I've tried emailing the brewer, Bacardi, but that went no where...

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  1. There is a non-alcoholic "cereal beverage" called
    Malta Hatuey that is bottled with an indian's profile
    as the label- is this what you're looking for?
    Top Value Grocery stores(at least the one on Cherry
    in Long Beach) carry it. You can also find it at that's what you were looking

    1. Vendome Liquors is carrying it. They are in Toluca Lake on Riverside Drive and Cahuenga Blvd.