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Dec 31, 2007 08:11 AM

Mexican Bakery- aside from La Mexicana on 1st

I just came back from San Antonio and had some great items from Mi Tierra and am looking for bakeries here. I've been to La Mexicana on south 1st, but have consistently been less than impressed. Ideas?

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  1. Mi Victoria on Burnet Rd. I like them a lot but then again they are my neighbourhood bakery.

    1. Mi Tierra isn't the best panadería in San Antonio, but it would certainly be the crème de la crème here. To date, I've tried Austin's La Mexicana, La Victoria, La Reyna, Joe's Bakery, and El Milagro, plus a few others. In my opinion, these bakeries are neither really good nor significantly above-average. They do provide a semblance of what I'm looking for, but they don't deliver on the deliciousness. (I might say the same of several well-known non-Mexican bakeries in town.)

      This Spanish-language article mentions a new place (to me, at least) called Panadería El Sur at 9616 N. Lamar:

      Given how mediocre the other options are, trying something new might be your best bet. If you do check out El Sur, I hope you'll report back.

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        Thanks. I thought MT was manna-- but knowing that I've been deprived, so, all is relative. I will definitely check out both recommendations!