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Karl's Sausage Kitchen - what to try?

So, I have recently realized that we live quite nearby Karl's Sausage Kitchen, but haven't checked it out. I noticed the smoked pork chop post below - what else do hounds recommend there? Thanks!

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  1. I've not been disappointed by any of the wursts, but I found the frankfurters terribly bland.

    1. All four of the bratwurst varieties, but especially the Rostbratwurst. Italian sausages, speck, house-smoked bacon, liverwurst, the various little German mustards, pickles, cheese, breads, and rolls. I'm envious of anyone who lives close by.

      1. I go crazy over their smoked bacon. Add some Black Forest Ham to that list too.

        1. Definitely the triple smoked bacon (sold on a rope) and the regular bacon is delicious too. As others have posted, the wursts are great, I'm not a big fan of the Italian sausage (being Italian myself!) they put thyme in theirs, and the hotdogs are very mild. Liverwurst and other lunch meats are great too!!!

          1. Don't miss those jaegerwurst sausages --beautifully smoked and ready to eat. If a Slim Jim died and went to heaven, it would come back as a jaegerwurst.

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              I've been driving by this place for years and never stopping, after reading some of the reviews, I'll have to stop in and give it a try.

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                Are you talking about the ones that hang on the wall above the register? I just tried those (I thought they were called landjaeger but maybe that's the same thing) for the first time and they are indeed HEAVEN.

                Also second all the bratwursts -- can never decide if the rostbratwurst or the white bratwurst are my favorite -- and the knockwurst, bauernwurst, bacon, triple bacon and black ham. Oh yum, have to take one of those babies out of the freezer right now for lunch....

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                  YES GRETCHENS! I got the name wrong. They are called "landjaeger" and I'm off to take one of my own out of the freezer for lunch!

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                  Karl's Sausage Kitchen is located at 142 Broadway (Route 1 North) in Saugus.

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                    It's just past the Walnut Street exit on Rte 1 N. You'll see a sign for a motel (Fern's?) and it's right there. If you get to the shopping center with Truly Jorg's and Our Glass (both worth stops if you're in the area) then you've gone too far but you can park and walk.

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                      Tell us about Our Glass??? I am not familiar and am planning a trip to Karl's.

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                        Our Glass is primarily a wine store, with some yuppie beers, gourmet products and cheeses. I haven't been there often enough to crack their cheese schedule, because every time I go they always seem to be out of the most intriguing selections. But wine is their main focus and I've gotten some very nice and reasonable wines there. The staff is generally helpful, some more so than others. It's probably not worth going out of your way for if you are coming from someplace near a good wine store, but it's the best wine store I've found in this area. And if you're in the neighborhood for Karl's anyway, it's worth a stop.

                        And while Truly Jorg's gets mixed reviews here, I've recently had some good pastries there.

                        Also if you want to grab lunch, I've heard good things about North End Cafe (next to Our Glass) but haven't managed to make it there yet.

                        North End Cafe
                        124 Broadway Ste B, Saugus, MA 01906

                        Karl's Sausage Kitchen
                        142 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906

                        Our Glass Wine Co
                        124 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906

                        Truly Jorgs Pastry
                        124 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906

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                          I love this website!!! So full of great information. Thanks!! I will report back!

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                        Yes, Karl's is immediately after Fern's Motel, which is very shortly after the Walnut St on/off ramps.

                  2. I have been meaning to check out Karl's for some time, and this thread lit a fire under my butt to get out there.

                    We were disappointed to find they are closed for vacation! The sign on the door says they will reopen on 1/15/08

                    We did stop in at Our Glass and picked up several bottles we have not seen at our favorite local wine shop. Nice place. Only downside: the precut cheese selection was in a cooler too cold to keep it alive. I'm pretty sure some if it was actually frozen! Bummer.