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Feb 15, 2001 11:55 PM

Horrid Valentine's dinner at Reign

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Know before you read this that I am not a complainer, one of those princesses who inspects forks and glasses for spots, grouses about table location, etc.

I had eaten twice at this restaurant, which, despite its ultra-trendoid pretentions and dress code, had offered very good southern cooking.

Probably going to any restaurant on Valentine's Day is a mistake. They're overbooked, overcrowded, jangled -- but this was a new low.

First, they lead us to a bar table. Not a real table, tiny tables in the front bar area, tables clearly not meant only for snacks and drinks, not dining. No apologies, a 45-minute wait if we want a "real" table. (Our reservation, by the way, had been in place for three weeks.) Knowing we couldn't just walk in anywhere else, we tried to make our peace with it.

Then -- surprise! -- "special" menu. Meaning, choice of two or three courses, limited options. Meaning, half the menu wasn't available. (Keep that kitchen cranking a very few things, boys! -- Maximum efficiency! Turn those tables!) Watery, buffet table-quality Caesar salad followed, then o.k. entrees (as opposed to terrific on prior occasions), decent side dishes, horrible, spongey strawberry shortcake, brought with no choice. Inedible.

The waiter confessed that they had booked 500 reservations that night. Well and good for them, but jamming people in at the expense of the possibility of anyone enjoying their meal is the lowest a restaurant can go. Shame!

Avenge my honor, friends, and boycott!


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  1. Thanks, rg, for the candor. The mgt should know that not only will you not return, but mr grub & the rest of us chowhounds won't either.