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Dec 31, 2007 07:24 AM

Yucatan Tacos in Roslindale: Our Visit

We drove up to Yucatan Tacos from Providence, since hubby has been whining about eating Yucatecan food since, well, since he left Yucatan.

We orginally planned to visit Yucatan Grill, but they're on vacation til the seventh, but have maintained the other joint open.

Hubby was hugely disappointed that there were no panuchos, and we later asked when they'd have them. Turns out grandma was the only one who knew how to make them, an she returned to Yucatan. Alas, no panuchos anymore there, as I imagine that grandma will stay down south.

The cochinta was just okay. Had the hint of flavor we expected, but nothing overwhelmingly delish. Hubby was also deeply confused when served cochinta with beans and rice. Something he'd never seen before, and wasn't sure how to handle.

The salsa was pitiful. Very surprised that Yucatecos would serve food without an acceptable salsa, even stateside. We asked for something hot, and there was nothing to give us. He did offer us a jalapeno, but that wouldn't do the trick.

Not enough regional offerings to make it worth frequent trips!

We'll surely go back though, since the Cupules seem to be the only other Yucatecos in New England!

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