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Dec 31, 2007 07:04 AM

Authentic Sicilian food in Gloucester!

I just posted this in the Boston-area forum, but the North Shore of Boston is sort of a "gray-zone," where folks may tend to search on either forum. Anyway, I came across a good find and thought I'd share the wealth.

After returning from nine months living in Rome and Palermo I was craving some authentic Sicilian and Southern Italian cuisine and, I have to say, I was pretty impressed with La Trattoria on Main Street in Gloucester.

I got the Pasta a la Trattoria, which I could have easily been served up on Via Roma in Palermo. And I had my boyfriend order the Arrabiata, which was well-reminiscent of a dish I used to get at my favorite Roma bistro.

Both dishes were under $15 and we had enough to take home. Sadly, we were too short on time to order appetizers or dessert. I wonder if anyone else has been recently and what their thoughts are.

La Trattoria seems to be in a "doomed" storefront. It never seems that restaurants there last; they just can't seem to fill the tables. It would be a shame to lose such an authentic restaurant, especially in a city that touts its Italian heritage. All of Gloucester's other places are pretty much pizza joints and sub shops that serve pasta dishes. La Trattoria is the real deal and, in my humble opinion, a gem.

Here's the link:

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  1. Don't get too depressed, it's been there so a while and it's good. Not sure I'll compare it to Italy, I had some spectacular meals in Siena and Florence. I think that may be a stretch.

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      Siena and Florence ain't Sicily :-). Seriously, those two pasta dishes were really good and really authentic. Pasta a la Trattoria, specifically, was dead on. I haven't tried anything else on the menu besides what I mentioned above.

      You won't likely find a meal like what you had in Siena or Florence in a place that dubbs itself Sicilian. But Sicilian is my preference....

      1. re: jandazza

        Went to La Trattoria this past week and had an enjoyable time, great old school Italian food and reasonably priced. The salads were very generous in size, homemade bread from pizza dough was warm and served with EVOO, balsamic and spices. The menu is quite large for a small place, typical pasta, chicken, veal and pizza offerings, and portions were very substancial. The sauces were very delicate, not over powering or over garlicy, I really liked the tomatoe sauce. I wish there were more seafood offerings, more Sicilian style dishes. The only bad thing about the evening was that they seated me next to the expresso machine, near the counter, which was very noisy and the server was a bit unattentative, a very young person but, I can live with that given the prices. The place is tiny, I hope they hang in there, definately worth the trip and many repeat visits. I hope some other CH'ers give it a try. They are getting their wine & beer licence back effective 4/1/08.