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Dec 31, 2007 06:41 AM

help! going to ethos on a diet

i'm going to ethos for dinner tonight and i'm on a strict diet. i need a dish prepared without any oil or butter. will they be able to broil the shrimp or a light white fish for me?


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  1. Ethos is perfect for someone who is dieting. You can select a whole fish from the display on ice. Some sizes are enough for one; larger fish can serve two. The kitchen will grill it perfectly, and if you prefer, it can be filleted tableside. Just make sure to tell your server about the oil and butter restrictions.

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      I agree. Thank you RGR for recommending this place. Friend and I ordered the stuffed octopus, seafood kebab and a grilled fish.Everything we ordered was delicious and fresh! We certainly felt healthy after the meal.

      1. re: DarthEater

        Glad to hear my recommendation worked out positively for you, DarthEater. :-)