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Feb 15, 2001 06:45 PM

Mr. Cecil's California BBQ

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hi fellow chowhounds,
My friend and I went to mr. cecil's about three weeks ago and was terribly disapionted with the service. We went to get take out and it took us quite some time to get are food. First we placed our order. Then we waited for our food which was a justifiable wait. but it was paying for the food that was extremely hard (which should be the easiest part.)
They packaged our food gave and gave it to us. we held out are money to pay. they send hold on. 5 min. past by and i asked again to pay still nobody gave me the light of day. i told one of the young ladies working there if i could pay and she told me to wait. we stood there for another 10 minutes, while she was learning how to work the cash register from a man who looked to be the manager. all and all we waited 20 minutes extra to pay.
the ribs were not half bad however. the dry ribs were a nice change from the barbeque style ribs. the cole slaw was merely eadable. And the gave me an almost minature piece of cornbread.
all and all its not very worh it to go to mr. cielels
unless you feel like being treated nothing and not feeling as if you are welcome. i like to feel treated nicely when i go somewhere because after all service is almost as important as the food.

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  1. Looks like their service hasn't improved since I've last gone. I posted a message in October mentioning how awful the service was. The owner ended up replying to my post, apologized, explaining that the recent review in LA Times caused a glut of customers to show up (even though my post mentions that some tables were overserviced at the expense of everyone else). He then actually offered a free meal. I emailed him and he gave me a number to call. I've called several times, and no one answers the phone. I wonder if I was duped. Well I eventually gave up. So I feel even less reason to give it a second try.
    I'm sorry you've experienced as poor service as I did.


    1. I had lunch there two weeks ago and liked it a lot, the food and the service. Go figure.