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Dec 31, 2007 06:02 AM

Waiting on NYE Menu [Moved from Tristate Region board]

I made reservations about a month ago for dinner & wine pairing for New Years Eve. The restaurant said they were working on the menu and would either post it or email it to me. I've called twice and spoke to the chef and have also communicated a couple of times by email. I checked this morning and still no email. I confirmed my reservations by phone on Saturday. My fear is my wife won't like the menu. She's a fussy eater and doesn't like food like Foie Gras, etc. I've explained this to the restaurant. It's a expensive night out. I don't want to cancel at the last minute and screw the restaurant but I want my wife to have a good time. Suggestions?

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  1. make another reservation

    1. Have you heard anything yet? I'm assuming its the Schoolhouse you are waiting on. I would keep calling until I speak to someone and explain again. There's no way that they don't know the menu at this point. They have a first seating at 6:00!! Let us know what happens...and if you ever get the menu, I'd love to hear all about it!

      1. cancel're not going to screw them.......if they can't get their act together with this menu......then i would spend my hard earned money with a restaurant that has their "new years eve act" together!
        it's a no brainer!

        1. Well, this is too late for your NYE dinner. However, perhaps the restaurant didn't know what its menu was as it would be dependent on what they could get at the market that day. If that type of restaurant doesn't work for you, the best bet would have been to cancel. Hope you had a good time!