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Dec 31, 2007 05:29 AM

Restaurants with Salad Bars?

I know of Ruby Tuesday, Tom Sarris New Orleans House and buffets such as Malibu Grill, Great American and Old Country. Are there any other restaurants in the DC area (preferably Northern Virginia) that feature salad bars?

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  1. Joe's Place (Lee Hwy, family place with much to recommend it)
    Cici's Pizza (Bailey's, but you'll be sorry)
    Pistone's Italian Inn (7 Corners, generous salad bar, has its fans)

    1. Oakton Family Restaurant does, as well as Mykonos in Reston. I believe Pan Am family restaurant does, but I'm not 100% sure.

        1. re: ktmoomau

          Along those same lines, Chima at Tysons, but the point of those churrascaria places seems to be to avoid the salad bar and eat the better cuts of meat to get your money's worth.

          1. re: MsDiPesto

            The salad bar alone at Malibu Grill could make for a decent meal, depending on one's mood, and can be opted without the meat for lower price.

            The Hee Been buffet has a nice salad bar -- most of it is Korean.

            1. re: Minger

              I agree. Malibu Grill has one of the best salad bars I'm found in Northern Virginia. But because its an all-you-can-eat, its a bit pricey. At dinner, salad bar only is around $15 per person with full access to the meat as well at around $20 per person. But to me, the salad bar is worth it. I never bother with the meat (lamb, beef, turkey, pork, etc., great selection served at your table, if you are into meat).

        2. Pistone's Italian Inn at 7 corners has a big salad bar.

          1. Texas de brazil in the fair oaks mall has a large salad bar. The problem is the price. It's about $45 a person for a full dinner. I haven't tried the place out because of the price but I'm curious about it.