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Feb 15, 2001 04:39 PM

Le Chardonnay is now Carafe

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Drove by last night...lo and behold, Le Chardonnay is now Carafe. Just called to find out what's up and was told it's been that way for just over a week. The chef and waitstaff are the same, but the menu has "evolved" to French bistro. I suppose this will up the ante of the "bistro wars" on the board (in the nicest possible way, bien sur), but it seems like the last thing L.A. needs is yet another bistro...? Still, I'm interested in seeing what they do with it - anyone who visits please post a report!

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  1. Le Chadonnay was one of my favorite places to go and have an extra special dinner.

    1. Had my wedding reception in their private room 15 years ago as Chardonnay had been my fav for years. I'll definitely give Carafe a try as long as the owner/chef are the same. I just hope that the menu has stayed creative and not just another bistro cutout. Fingers crossed!!

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        The thread you're replying to is over 15 yrs old. From what I can find, Carafe has also closed. I'm not sure what replaced it, since I'm not familiar w/ either of the two earlier restaurants.

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          The place is now Crossroads, with Tal Ronnen doing vegetarian food very well.
          Robert Bigonnier, former chef at Le Chardonnay, relocated to Sunset Plaza and opened Le Petit Four. He passed away about 1-2 years ago.

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            Thanks Carter!! So sorry to hear about Robert as he was a very special man. His daughter was in charge of "special" private room dinners at the time of my 70+ guest sit-down dinner reception. I couldn't make any of the menus work with her as I wanted one from column A, one from column B and so on. So, out he came from the kitchen and the menu we created was BRILLIANT!! The food was perfect. Again, a lovely man and a gifted artist. I will miss Le Chardonnay but, honestly, I must say that I hadn't been in quite a while. Thank you, as well, for the heads-up on Crossroads. I'll give it a try with out-of-town guests next week. I'm a vegetarian now so your comment spoke directly to me :) Thanks again Carter!!

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              Thanks for the update. Didn't want judie to go and to be disappointed that the place had changed yet again! Sounds like the new place will work well for her, though. =)