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Dec 31, 2007 01:55 AM

Restaurant Week & Tourism

My husband and I will be in Manhattan during the first half of Restaurant Week. I got very, very excited about this little fact until I discovered that very few of the restaurants that are raved about (and even fewer who are participating in Restaurant Week) are close to where we will be during most of our stay.

We're hitting a few museums (Natural History, The Met) and a show and the ballet. Unfortunately most of the restaurants that are either participating or are highly regarded seem to be on the other side of the world from where the museums and ballet are located.

Help. We love good food. I don't want to give up the good food in order to see a museum and a show.

I love good food. I also love the ballet. I don't want to have to choose between the two!!

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  1. This should help you determine what you'll be around:

    Personally I am of the opinion that NYC is nowhere near as large and unmanageable as a lot of people think. You shouldn't have to give up any plans if you make some calculated choices for dining.

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      Thanks! It's funny, I did some more searching after I posted (I did search before, but apparently used a bad combination of search words) and found what I was looking for! The board wouldn't let me delete the post!

      Thanks for your tips!

      1. re: Miss Andi

        Hey, Miss Andi,

        There is a superb restaurant very close to the Met Museum that is participating in RW (for lunch only) -- Cafe Boulud, on 76th St., b/t 5th & 6th Avs. This is 4-star chef Daniel Boulud's second tier restaurant, but the cuisine is first-rate. Service is cordial and polished, and the small dining room has attractive, contemporary decor. If you do want to go there, give them a call asap since it's a very popular choice during RW.

        Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

        1. re: RGR

          I agree. I've eaten at Café Boulud during RW more than once and found the menu to have more than the token two choices that so many places do, grudgingly, for Restaurant Week.

    2. Not so very bad. Museum all day. Skip out at 4:30 to get a jump on rush hour. Subway down to the restaurant for an early dinner. Subway up to the ballet for an 8:00 curtain.