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Dec 30, 2007 10:41 PM

Sushi Gen vs. IZAYOI for lunch??

Hi Hounds,

It would be our first time for lunch at either place. Does Sushi Gen edge out Izayoi because of their wonderful lunch special?

Or is Izayoi just as good (or even better) for lunch?

Thanks in advance for your recs.

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  1. Don't tell anymore people about IZAYOI...please...especially at lunch time...I want to be able to get my bento box.

    Izayoi ROCKS!!!

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    1. re: tatertotsrock

      tatertots: Does Izayoi's sushi compare to Sushi Gen's? Or is it just wrong to compare the two because their specialties are entirely different? Thanks!

      1. re: Liquid Sky

        Totally different. Straight sushi (Gen) vs. izakaya (Izayoi). I enjoyed the above-mentioned Bento Box at Izayoi but found their limited lunch menu not nearly a fun as their dinner menu.

        1. re: Ciao Bob

          I've pretty much just ordered things when the cravings have hit me, regardless of whether or not it is lunch time...I haven't been so bold as to order the pork belly or beef tongue options at lunch, but then at lunch, I am usually craving something light...I'll do a bento box and order some Japanese Scallop to go along with all my bento goodies...yum.
          The other thing I like about IZAYOI is that there are no "patrons with attitude" that I have noticed at Gen...let those people stay in the valley and go to Katsua...luckily, "those types" do not seem too fond of Izayoi....yippee for me!
          The quality of their fish is fantastic and I like their petite cuts of sashimi.

          1. re: tatertotsrock

            Great to know, TTR. I didn't even consider the possibility of off-menu-ing at lunch when I felt limited.

    2. I'm afraid the Gen lunch special is turning into more of a "brunch" special; last time I went, there was a 30+ minute wait by 11:15!

      1. If you want good sushi at Izayoi, sit at the bar on the left side and make sure the owner serves you (I forget his name) Otherwise the sushi is just good.

        1. I enjoy both the Izayoi bento and the sushi gen sashimi lunch plate. However IMO, I think that while the Izayoi bento is good, it is not a destination lunch for me. Other places have good bento also.

          On the other hand, the sushi gen sashimi lunch is the best lunch special of its kind period. I would drive from the valley or the west side just to get it. You do have to deal with either huge lines or an early arrival (10:50AM), but this is a testament to how great this lunch is.

            1. re: jeremypb

              Thanks. I'll go for the Sushi Gen lunch first. Then when I'm more in the mood for small plates, I'll hit up IZAYOI.

              Happy New Year, Hounds!