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any new good dessert places?


I love desserts and sweets of all kinds...I am always looking to try a new place and then take photos and blog about my experience. I'd love to hear your suggestions because sharing about desserts (and dessert places) makes life so much sweeter! =) I'm in search of places that are NOT too mainstream like Serendipity or Magnolia. Some of the best places are tiny specialty shops but those are sometimes so hard to track down!



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  1. Check out the Dessert Truck over on 8th and University for some excellent stuff. Don't mind the NYU kids. :)

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      Actually, I wrote about Dessert Truck already and it's great...love the desserts there!

    2. try Podunk. 231 E 5TH St New York...feesl like your southern aunties kitchen... fantastic homemade scones, cookies, tea in mismatched cups.

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        I've always wanted to go to Podunk...anything in particular that I should get there? Is there one scone or cookie that's out of this world?

      2. have you tried cupcake cafe? there are 2 locations, one in 39th and 9h (i think) and one on W18th between 5 and 6th aves. That tend to be my favorite. it is kinda of mainstream but best cupcakes ever!

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          I have tried cupcake cafe and it was a bit too sweet for me because there was just so much frosting. But I'll go back and try it again...maybe it was a bad batch when I went. Do you have a favorite cupcake there?

        2. How 'bout boba (bubble) tea or sweet dessert soups in Chinatown? They are *everywhere* and many are pretty good. St. Alp's Teahouse is a reliable chain. I think they still have an outpost in the East Village.

          WD 50 has an interesting and usually delicious dessert tasting menu.

          Kyotofu was hot for a half second and probably is no longer. But once you get past the hype, the basic desserts are still actually pretty tasty.

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            ack -- sorry for the non-responsive post. i just re-read this and realized you weren't just looking for desserts that might be new to you, but for new dessert places. so please ignore the above.

            here's a more responsive suggestions: try Tailor, a new restaurant by sam mason, formerly the dessert chef at wd 50. it's not just a dessert place, but i'm going to guess that the desserts there will be innovative and tasty.

          2. Well, you don't need to go to a dessert only place. You can get fabulous desserts at Wallse, an Austrian restaurant in the West Village. Call ahead and you can probably get a table at a non-busy period for a dessert tasting only. My wife and I are very (very) fond of the Salzburger Nockerl at Wallse.

            We had other great desserts at Gramcery Tavern. I don't know if you can get by with just dessert however as they are very busy. If worse comes to worse, have an entree and then go to dessert.

            Also, I don't know if Lady M in the UES is too mainsteam for you but the desserts are as good as they are expensive.

            Keep us posted--we share at least one common interest.

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              Someone recently suggested a place that I am anxious to try -- Bouchon Bakery.
              Have you been there?

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                Bouchon bakery is good...their pecan sticky buns and nutter butter-like cookies are delicious. Tarts are yummy too!

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                Wallse sounds great...I'll check it out.

                I'm a huge fan of Gramercy Tavern's food...their desserts are great too. I'll think about posting something when I go back again about the desserts.

                Lady M is really great..love their chocolate cake and crepe cake...I almost go once a month because they are just so delicious. A bit pricey though since a slice is so thin. But yeah, a bit too mainstream to write about...but I was considering it!

              3. Perfect that you ask. http://nymag.com/restaurants/wheretoe...

                There's also Tailor and Graffiti that aren't mentioned in this post, but are both new dessert places...

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                  Also Chikalicious Puddin' which is a takeout pudding place across the street from Chikalicious. I also like How Sweet It Is and Amai Tea House and Bakery. I hope you are giving CH credit in your Daily News blog for this intelligence!

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                    I scheduled Chikalicious Puddin and Amai in my book several weeks back...just haven't made it to those two places yet. But Amai isn't new though. I know Puddin is but...for some reason I just can't make it down there. I guess I'm not really a bread pudding fan. What's good at How Sweet It Is?

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                      Cupcakes, tarts, macarons, they also make ice cream sandwiches (haven't tried yet).

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                    I think Graffiti is closed now and Tailor's desserts are bit too complex to want to go back regularly. Have you had anything at Tailor that really stood out?

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                      Graffiti isn't closed. I've been there a few weeks ago and the dessert (I had the chocolate cupcake) was pretty good.

                      Here's my post:

                  3. Don't forget P*ong, the Waffle Truck and and the place Will Goldfarb opened up downtown after shutting down Room 4 Dessert.

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                      I went to Pong and had a disastrous experience. Each dessert was 12 bucks but none of them tasted good. There was something miso ice cream with chocolate...but the combination tasted really funky. It's has a nice atmosphere but I'm wary of going back because the desserts seem to complex! I usually like simple desserts where the natural flavors stand out. Things that are creative have to be..well, addicting.

                    2. There is a place on 49th a few doors east of 8th Avenue. It is called the Cyber Cafe. There is a little French woman there who makes excellent crepes. During the summer I had a fresh peach crepe there that was the best I had ever had. She makes her own crepe batter and cuts the fruit just before making each crepe. During the winter I have had to settle for preserves as filling, but the crepes are still outstanding. If you are a Nutella fan I believe that is one of the offerings. My favorites are the apricot and chestnut preserves. The "Crepe Lady" as she is called is there from Wednesday until Saturday. I believe and she knocks off at 5:00 PM. However, the first time I went there I arrived at almost 5:30, but she took pity on me and put her apron back on and whipped up the aforementioned peach crepe. She is a sweet lady with a talent for crepes.

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                        Thanks! I'll be sure to go and bring my laptop and write about the crepe since they even have internet access! =)

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                          Since it is an internet cafe, I highly doubt that they will provide free wifi. But Madeleine's crepes are very good, as are her homemade cakes and pies.


                      2. I like Treats Truck. It's filled with home-style goods such as bar cookies and cookies. Love the butterscotch brownie, espresso brownie, sugar dot and caramel creme sandwich. The sweet owner is also a pleasure to do business with.