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Feb 14, 2001 11:22 PM

Good Pie on Westside?

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Anyplace to get really good pie for dessert, on the Westside? Not interested in Marie Calendar's, Polly's, or The Apple Pan. Thanks.

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  1. It's not exactly the westside, but my favorite place for pie is a little gelateria on Robertson between Olympic and Wilshire. It's called something plain like Il Gelateria. Besides serving good gelati, I discovered their apple pie, which is something I dream about. I live in NYC now, but each time I get to LA, that's one of the first places I end up. I was never even a fan of apple pie until I had this one. Unlike the orthodox pie tin approach, they make their pies in a springform pan and fill it to the rim, making an enormous pie. A scoop of gelato on the side is a perfect accompaniment. What also draws me back there is the absolutely friendly service.

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      Do you mean Al Gelato at 806 Robertson? Yes, it's a great place. But haven't tried the apple pie - yet!