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Dec 30, 2007 07:27 PM

Sorrel / Bitter Dock in LA/OC area?

My wife is maniac for (Hungarian) sóska, which in English translates to Common Sorrel / Garden Sorrel / Sorrel / Sour Dock / Bitter Dock. Personally, I can't stand it as it tastes like very bitter spinach. I was under the impression that this leafy vegetable was unavailable in the States.

Anyone have an idea as to where, if possible, we could get our hands on the stuff? TIA.

PS I should also mention I found a great site where one can find translations of fruits and vegetables in various languages. Might be useful.

Sorrel, for example:

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  1. Sorrel shows up fairly frequently at the Hollywood Sunday and SM Wednesday farmer's market. I can't recall if it is seasonal. I believe Coleman and Flora Bella have it as well other farms. I would call the flavor sour rather than bitter and like it lightly cooked in soups or stuffed into fish. If the varieties she likes is actually bitter, rather than sour, it may a slightly different leaf.

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      She loves the stuff, so I am assume it tastes pleasantly sour to her. To me, however, it tastes brutally bitter and almost makes me wretch.