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Dec 30, 2007 07:24 PM

best chinese bbq pork calgary

i tried some from the t and t at franklin the other day ,good pork bad attitudes but thats anouther story .any one have any good leads to better q.can be anywhere in the city(im from strathmore ,so when im in city im all over)thanks guys

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  1. I lived in Strathmore for 20 years before moving to Calgary 12 years ago. My fave BBQ pork and duck spot, along with oh so much more is Sun Chiu Kee. On centre street and 14 ave north.

    1. There is a place inside the grocery store of New Asia on Centre Street and 16th Ave. It has BBQ pork - I just can't remember on the name of the place.

      Also, there is the BBQ House (sp?) right beside Pho Anh just south of 16th Ave on Centre Street on 13th Ave. Right beside Sun Chiu Kee as well.

      1. Gee Gong on Centre St. (206 Centre Street SE) is known for their great BBQ meats; the decor isn't the best, but their bbq rocks.

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          I would concur with you in Gee Gong.

        2. I like going to Ken's in Chinatown when I want to take-out (114-3 Ave. SW) - they also have awesome roasted pork on Saturdays - and for eating in, Sun's is good (14th Ave).

          1. Happy Valley's butcher has tender barbecued pork with a sweet sauce that is neither over-the-top red nor sickeningly sweet. But I think its real stand-out is the roast pork -- flavourful and meat-y but not too salty with a crisp, un-sponge-y skin.

            I also third the Gee Gong suggestion.

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              yes I am a huge fan of Mr Yip at Happy Valley, his butchering skills are fabulous and I love the roast pork, BBQ pork, and the soya chicken. Then we go to Jing Jing Bakery in the basement for dessert treats!