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Dec 30, 2007 07:20 PM

pao de queijo shack coming to astoria

I remember some talk on this board a little while back about pao de queijo and how someone should open up a place that served it in Astoria which could cater to the Brazilian population...Anyway, whoever said this might have their wish. On Friday I checked out Rio Bonito Market for the first time and enjoyed my first pao de queijo. I also picked up some of their frozen ones to bake at home. Funny enough, on my return home I saw that this little storefront that has opened and closed a few times since I moved to Astoria, most recently as a colombian snack stand, is now called New York Pao De Queijo. Not sure when it's supposed to open but it's on 30th st btwn broadway and 31st ave right next to Aliada. Will report back when it opens...

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  1. Has anyone been to NY Pao de Queijo yet? I grabbed a menu yesterday but didn't have time to stop in and try something.

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      It was reviewed by Jason on 01/28/08 on Jason was not impressed.