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Dec 30, 2007 07:17 PM

Salt & Pepper in Jersey City

Hey guys,
So my sister and I recently moved to Jersey City from Manhattan and really haven't found any good food places around the Indian Square (Journal Square) area. We've been thinking about doing a food tour of the restaurants here, but we need a starting point, any suggestions?

Today we decided to start our tour at this new restaurant called Salt & Pepper close to where we live and loved it. The owner's really attentive and kind and the food was great. Even though I've never really been fond of lamb, I decided to give the lamb kabobs a try and I have to admit that it was immensely flavorful and didn't have an overpowering lamb taste. My sister had the chicken something or other with this really delicious rice side dish and Turkish bread. Surprisingly, the chicken wasn't dry, but rather juicy and yummy. It also doesn't hurt that everything's extremely clean since it's a brand new place.

For dessert, we went to this one Italian bakery around the corner from Salt and Pepper called Montecleone's or something like that and got this really yummy crispy dessert with a cheese filling. Anyone know what those things are called? We just pointed at the glass case and said "yea we'll take that one." I especially love how cheap the desserts in Jersey are compared to Manhattan prices! It was like $1, which is totally like 1/4 of the price that we would've paid for in the Village.

I hope to report more about the good eats in my new neighborhood as we continue to explore this really awesome area! I'm loving the Jerse!!!! =)

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  1. Welcome to Jersey City bears and cookies. There are a couple of bulletin boards for Jersey City, and surrounding areas, you might find useful. They're skewed towards downtown, and the posters aren't always too, uuummm, sophisticated, but still could be a jumping off point for you. Also do a search on this site for Jersey City rec's. And the Village Voice has a few Jersey City listings near Journal Square.

    As for Indian, I've enjoyed Rasoi and Dhosa Hut. The area is chock full of Phillipino lunch counters to explore and the great Phillipino Bread House.
    Lastly, was it a cannoli you had for desert?

    1. In the journal sq/heights area, there is a godo ethiopian place and a good mexican place. The names escape me now but I can look them up if noone jumps in.

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        Yes please tell us. What have you ordered that was good?

      2. Monteleone's Bakery is legendary and has been on Newark Avenue for more than 50 years, just next door to legendary restaurant Casa Dante (which I believe just changed owners over the past year). The prices at the bakery are extraordinarily low even when compared with Hoboken's famous Carlo's. My extended family orders their classic Rum Cake with chocolate and cannoli cream filling for every birthday -- a 9-inch round topped with whipped cream and decorated with shaved almonds for only $13. At Carlo's it would cost $30 and taste inferior. The pastry you had was probably a crunchy sfogliatelle, which looks like a clam shell, perhaps? They also make wonderful croissants every morning that are amazing.

        1. Is Rasoi on Newark Ave still there? Admittedly I have not lived in JC for about 13 years, but that seemed better than the other places on Mahatma Ghandi Blvd. (The name for that strip of Newark ave between Tonnele Ave and the White Castle on Kennedy).

          Nowadays there are probably better restaurants around Grove Street. Journal Square never had much.

          1. Monteleone's has great wedding cakes.

            Not that you have suggested that you are getting married anytime soon, but we bought our wedding cake from Monteleone's. It was really cheap, around $125 for a cake for 100 people, compared to the estimates we were getting from other bakeries in Hoboken and New York City which were from $10 a slice on up.

            The cake was delicious and beautiful - and the ladies at Monteleone's are sweet and funny.