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Dec 30, 2007 07:01 PM

What do you order for lunch at Perry Street?

I'm looking forward to a new year's eve lunch at Perry Street... Time to avoid the drunken crowds and live high on a composer's budget!

What do you like to order for lunch at Perry Street?

Thanks and happy new year!

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  1. my fave is the tuna burger. even if it's not on the menu ask for it since it's such a big hit w/ the regulars they always have some available...

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    1. re: halo

      second tuna burger, also like lamb chops and roasted chicken. (chicken prep can vary). Can't remember if arctic sashimi was special or reg menu but it was excellent.

      1. re: thegreekone

        Agree with the chicken- they do amazing things with that skin.

    2. Ditto the arctic char sashimi. The steak, served over fava beans and basil when I had it, was also delicious. My partner got the fresh mozz rolled with basil, served over grilled pineapple--also delicious. I also loved their nonalcoholic drinks--we tried the cherry/yuzu and elderflower/something. Enjoy, and please report back!

      1. Agree with the suggestions above. They also have an asparagus risotto as appetizer, and they change the ingredients of the risotto based on seasonality. I like that dish a lot.

        For dessert, I like the white chocolate thing (forgot the name). The chocolate molten cake was just ok.

        1. Chocolate pudding, chocolate pudding, chocolate pudding!
          And I don't really like chocolate pudding. And I sure don't like violet candy. But I love them together at Perry Street.

          Their mozzarella plates are also great.