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Dec 30, 2007 06:36 PM

Ikeda's (Davis: Mace Blvd) Report

in a thread on oranges on the San Francisco board....

several folks mentioned Ikeda's in Davis (Mace Blvd). I haven't had oranges there, but did stop there on my way back from Tahoe last week. We've stopped at the Auburn location a number of times, but this was my first time at the Davis store. Smaller than Auburn, with a large selection of relishes and such, but less in the way of actual fruits and vegetables (primarily because of its smaller size).

We got a Marionberry pie, frozen, which was very good, though the filling was a bit liquidy. I've always had good luck with the berry pies at the Auburn location, especially when they are in season and fresh...

However, we decided to try a few of the tamales, and they weren't nearly as good. Granted, the selection (on Christmas eve) was limited, but the vegetable tamales tasted as though the filling was canned vegetables, and I couldn't taste any pineapple in the sweet pineapple and raisin variety). The husks were wrapped in a fancy way (and they weren't cheap), but these were some of the most disappointing tamales I've had in a while. Not recommended.

My conclusion: not that much here to warrant a stop, other than for a pie...

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  1. I used to live close to this Ikeda's and feel like seasons really count here. In summer they have tables and crates of fresh produce set up outside making it more worthwhile to stop at. I think they also go through the pies more frequently in summer and you can get a fresh one then. Their tamales used to be great, but I got some recently on a stop and also found them not too exciting.

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      oh yes, the pies are definitely fresh in summer, a big part of the difference being of course that most of the produce that goes into them is also fresh then.....the peach pie is terrific!

      Produce prices tend to be higher than at my local farmer's market....

    2. I have had much better luck at the Yolo Fruit Stand right off the causeway on the CR 32 A/B exit. Cheaper, fresher, and more interesting other stuff to buy - Middle Eastern, Russian, Indian foods. Ikeda's burgers are good, but Davis has Redrum and In-N-Out which are better.

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        I agree with you on the burgers, though just to clarify, they don't have them at all at the Mace Blvd Ikeda's, just at the larger Auburn location. Ikeda's is also quite slow (though Redrum can also be slow when they are crowded...)

        Hubby wanted in-N-Out on the way home, so we went through the drive through. I wished we had gone to Redrum, as the fries are waayyyy better. I actually think McDonalds fries are better than InNOut though that is a topic for another board...

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          That shows how long it has been since I went to the Davis Ikeda! The Auburn location has the burgers. I work with a lot of Yolo farmers who are going the "fruit stand" approach since it is far more profitable than competing on the wholesale market. Produce stands, farmers markets, and organic price premiums are doing more to help local farmers than any federal subsidies.

      2. Last week I stopped at Ikeda's in Davis on my way home from Sacramento. Luckily the temperatures were only in the 80s, but still a good excuse to order a fruit freeze. I got the marionberry, small size, for $3 and enjoyed it outside at the shaded picnic table. Made with just fruit, water and sugar . . . the marionberry version does have a lot of hard seeds and a bit of puckery tannins. The true color is actually much more purple, closer to the shade of younger Cabernet Sauvignon than in this photo.

        Early stone fruits were available for sale on the produce aisle but didn't look ready enough to me. I also bought a pack of Mi Abuelita tortillas that are made in Sacramento.

        Ikeda's in Davis
        26295 Mace Blvd, Davis, CA