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Feb 13, 2001 01:08 PM

Rose Cottage RIP

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On my most recent visit to Burger Continental for their KILLER blt, I noticed that the Rose Cottage, also near the corner of Lake & California in Pasadena, is no longer in business. Yet another slice of civility gone -- let's hope not forever.

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  1. I miss the Rose Cottage too, being a local. But if you need tea, you can get a dynamite pot o' tea next door at Peet's Coffee. I recommend Peet's Earl Grey with Lavender blend. Fabulous! (much better than bergamot.)

    P.S. for all you Valleyites, Peet's is opening on Ventura Blvd. (near Laurel Cyn) in Studio City next week. My Studio City friends are all clawing at the glass. We are NOT Starbucks people.

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    1. re: Louise

      Rose Tree Cottage is an entirely different experience than getting a "pot" at Peet's. It's not about the tea, it's about the tea party (though they do serve (or did, when I was a child) fabulous Fortnum and Mason teas. Rose Tree Cottage (is it just Rose Cottage now?) has given me great memories -- having the entire cast of our high school musical to tea and presenting us with a rose tree (named 'Showgirl') -- countless tea parties with my mother as an after school treat. I think Rose Tree Cottage is at least partly responsible for my enduring Anglophilia. It is far more than a pot of tea!

    2. Rose Tree is alive and well. I spoke to the owners today and they said if you have not been in a few years they have relocated to the back cottage and are no longer in the front. So perhaps that is why you did not see them.

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      1. re: tracy
        Mary & Edmund Fry

        "There's some corner of a foreign field that is forever England"*… and we're still here with the flag flying! A touch of England and a good cup of tea at Rose Tree Cottage! We'll look forward to seeing you in the main cottage at the back of the courtyard (828 E. California).

        *Rupert Brooks


        1. re: tracy

          Excellent! and my apologies to the owners. We actually walked up to the little complex & saw no signage, activity or indication of any kind that they had moved to the back cottage.