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Feb 12, 2001 11:32 PM

ducz in pasadena

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i managed to try this fairly new restaurant from the owners of parkway grill & arroyo chop house last week. the executive chef is from chinois on main, and i'd say the food is similar...catfish, salmon, seabass. the decor is better than shiro or chinois on main. the food? maybe not quite as good with the exception of my dessert. i had crab potstickers for my appetizer and the seabass for my entree - both were good, but i've had better. but the killer dish was my dessert - a carmalized banana tart. awesome. if you are in town, it's worth it to stop for this dessert alone.

overall, i liked the restaurant. but the only thing that will tempt me to go back is that carmalized banana tart.

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  1. I have been to ducz twice. The first time, we had terrific, tasty food...the catfish, the crab potstickers, the make-it-yourself sushi. But the second time, we had the tenderloin. It was so terrible we had to send it back to the kitchen (which I never do). Not sure why the quality varied so. Hope it improves. But you're right, the dessert was heavenly.

    1. At least Pam went twice. Dixon, you need to go again, or try more than one app and one entree before you form an "overall" opinion about any restaurant. You picked the least impressive appetizer they offer, and coincidentally one of the least expensive...hmm?
      You "forgot" to post the location of ducz, which I've done for you below, along with the phone number and the fact that the executive chef (Fred Iwasaki) was trained by "Wolfgang Puck." I might be alone on this, but I'm fairly sure we don't read the post to see your name.
      How bout you get some funding and do "something" right. You can start by capitalizing your "I's."

      Ducz is the latest creation from the Smith brothers (Crocodile Cafes, Parkway Grill). Located on South Lake Avenue, the California-Pacific menu was created by the Smiths and Puck-trained chef Fred Iwasaki of Chinois. Specialties like crispy Peking duck, spicy sauteed chicken in butter-lettuce wraps, green tea cured salmon gravlax and Chilean sea bass are served in an elegant atmosphere with Oriental touches. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and has one of the largest wine selections in all of Pasadena. 110 South Lake Avenue, (626) 792-9999

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      1. re: Dick

        dick - i (sorry, but i like going all lowercase on my posts) agree that it takes several trips to form a solid opinion about a place. my intent was just to give my first impression, nothing more.

        as for giving the phone # & address, that's not standard although certainly nothing wrong with it. do you work there? :)

        as for choosing the appetizer i did, that was based on the recommendation of my waiter. no need to jump to conclusions.

        anyway, sorry that my post was so disagreeable to you. didn't intend to offend anyone.

        - david