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Dec 30, 2007 06:03 PM

Where can I buy real LARD?

I've spent the day searching for lard in the North Chicago area. Does anybody know where I can find real lard (not the Armour brand sold in most stores).

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  1. Check at any local Polish deli.
    You know the ones...they smell SO good, of smoked sausages of any kind...yummm
    (who needs a phone book...follow your nose..ahhh...heavenly...oh, and NOT a restaurant)


    1. Sweeet! I will post my results tomorrow!

      1. Hispanic grocery stores should have it. Meijer and Walmart also carry lard, usually found in the meat department. SavALot in my area carries it as well.

        1. Any of the pre-packaged stuff--especially in Latin groceries--is going to be no better than Armour. If you don't have luck in the Polish stores--try an Italian butcher. Here in NYC, there are a few shops that make their own lard and it's very good.

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            Actually here in Chicago many of the Latin groceries render there own lard.

            The Puerto Rican supermercado on Division just west of Western normally has it as well as fatback if you like to render your own.

          2. Gepperth's will generally have it, along with rendered duck and goose fact. It will be frozen, if that's of concern. They also make some great stocks. In addition to the regulars, they'll occasionally offer duck, rabbit, venison stocks.