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Dec 30, 2007 05:24 PM

Help A Groom Out: Las Vegas Steak

Hey Everyone- I've seen plenty of Vegas steakhouse debates here, and I don't intend to rehash the past, this is a bit different. My future bride and I will be getting married at Mandalay Bay this spring, with about 14 guests. We don't want to plan a big reception, just have a nice group dinner to celebrate. Now here's the interesting part. I will be picking the dinner venue, but my new father-in-law will be paying. That means I can't screw it up. It has to be an absolute lock in both food and service. I need a nicer Vegas steakhouse that is a dependable, safe choice, but I'm picking blind, so I need your help. Thanks!

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  1. I don't remember the name, but there is an upscale steakhouse in the Four Seasons Hotel that is part of a nationally-recognized restaurant chain/group. Someone here will remember, or just call the Four Seasons...its their only restaurant besides the coffee shop. I ate there about a year ago with a group about the size you're dealing with, and they had a nice semi-private room in the back ... and they did a good job with service and food. Of course, this is assuming that your FIL has a few $$$ to spend.....

    Four Seasons is connected to the Mandalay Bay, so that would make it convenient.....

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    1. My brother is a major foodie, and goes to Vegas for a major convention every spring. He has eaten at many of the major restaurants, and cost is no object during that week. One meal he has repeatedly raved about was at CraftSteak, Chef Colicchio's steakhouse. Not only was he impressed by the food, but he said that the service was superb and the staff handled his large group and last-minute changes flawlessly.

      1. Although I do not think it is the best steak in Las Vegas (it is very very close) Prime in the Bellagio should be considered one of, if not the top choice IMHO. I have always had very good to excellent dinners there and the service is first rate. Not only that, I think the atmosphere is second to none. It is one of the more comfortable and beautiful dinining rooms in all of Las Vegas.

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          I would second Prime. The food is excellent, as is the service and the atmosphere and view are both exquisite.

        2. I have to give a huge second to nosh's recommendation about Craftsteak. If you have a party of people with different tastes as far as dry aged and wet aged steaks, all of them can be accommodated there. It's the only restaurant that is good for both wet and dry aged steaks.

          Also, the side dishes at Craftsteak are very good. Most people will like the mashed Yukons and mushroom lovers will like their selection. Creamed spinach and corn are not bad either.

          You will probably be right at $100 including some drinks depending on what you get. It's one of my favorites in Vegas. Because some people prefer dry and some wet, Craftsteak is a much safer choice than some others.

          Charlie Palmer is actually a pretty good choice but they are only dry aged as is Prime.

          1. are you and party staying at m. bay ? you have 2 steak places there ...stripsteak and charlie palmer's i only ate at CP's once...can't give it the thumbs down but i personally did not care for the place...stripsteak - been there 3 times...i like the place but for your occassion not sure i can recommend. Prime get's the nod over craftsteak for me - they are both very good as is n9ne...the reason...Prime has the feel of a high end restaurant...not a's quieter more elegant than any other steakhouse i've been to...the food is very good too....last time i was at craft ...a group of 10 ...we could not hear each other ...very good food though.

            Congrats and enjoy !

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              We just celebrated a special anniversary dinner with eleven guests at Prime in Bellagio and I would recommend it wholeheartedly. The food pleased everyone and the room is truly elegant. It simply feels "special". I have dined here many times and the service is also top notch and friendly. We sat in the private room which must be requested in advance (but I believe it cannot accommodate more than 12). If you are looking for an upscale, celebratory restaurant that offers steak as well as many other selections, I think Prime would be a superb choice.