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Dec 30, 2007 05:18 PM

Reporting back, with "thanks" to the LA 'hounds

In preparation for a Christmas trip to LA from Upstate NY, I posted twice over the past few months seeking advice on where to purchase provisions and cookware. As one would expect, the LA Chowhounds came through with some great advice. In particular ...

LOVED Santa Monica Seafood. Wonderful selection of top-quality seafood. We indulged in crabmeat, lobster, caviar, and shrimp. Also liked the vibe; the place is staffed by and patronized by exceptionally pleasant people. One of my two visits there was at peak madhouse time on Christmas Eve, and all of the MANY people present could not have been nicer. Real "peace on earth, goodwill to men (and women)" stuff ...

Also became a big fan of Surfas. Was able to inexpensively stock my daughter's apartment with all we needed to prepare a great Christmas dinner. Did not realize before I got there that they also sold food. Despite having done a goood bit of grocery shopping before that visit, I found lots of unique things to pick up. Will probably make this a regular stop on my periodic visits.

Finally, I liked the Wine House. Great selection across various price points (plus a tasting room!) (and again with the food!!). While all I needed was some general direction ("where's the Spanish wine?"), the staff seemed very friendly and willing to help as needed.

To all who offered their suggestions, thank you so very much. You guys are great!

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  1. Thanks for posting back!

    Note that in the coming year, Santa Monica Seafood will be moving. They are losing their present location to yet another entertainment venture moving into that area. They recently took over a former Carl's Jr. and opened their 10th Street Cafe on the S/E corner of Wilshire at Tenth in Santa Monica, and are serving very affordable fare in a casual order-at-the-counter setting. I had a very crispy, properly cooked fish'n'chips there, my friend had the spicy tuna burger, and we split some fried calamari. Good touch with the fryer and friendly service. Plans are to shut down and remodel in the spring or early summer, then re-open with the cafe and the fresh seafood market in that location.