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Dec 30, 2007 05:05 PM

homemade ice cream Bmore

I realize its the middle of winter, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a really good non-chain ice cream place in Baltimore?? I;m thinking of a Dumsters in Ocean City, type of place. Most places I have visited have great family run type places to get shakes and banana splits ect and have been around for 40+ years...have snowballs taken over ice cream here?

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  1. Try Moxley's in Towson and Sylvan Beach ice cream (locations in Mt Vernon & Mt Washington).

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    1. re: tennisgal1206

      I second both of these, but only the Mt Vernon Sylvan Beach is open in the winter (it's on Preston St near the Theatre Project)

      1. re: crowsonguy

        This _might not_ be accurate. Has the Mt. Vernon Sylvan reopened after renovations? And I was just at the Mt. Washington location a week before Christmas. Obviously, they could still close... Perhaps I'll confirm this later in the day.

        1. re: paulyr

          Mt. Washingtom Sylvan Beach is open with shorter hours. I was there a couple of weeks ago.

      2. re: tennisgal1206

        Moxley's for sure! I love the coffee mojo flavor. Also I have heard that a place called Beach Bums on York Road in Towson is really good, but I have never been.

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          Sylvan Beach's Mt. Vernon location is still undergoing renovations, they claim to be opening in the fall. The Mt. Washington shop is open through the winter on the weekends only. The hours sign says Sat and Sun 1-5. They may only be selling packed ice cream (pints and quarts, etc.) for the winter, but don't quote me. It is by far the best homemade ice cream in Baltimore and worth checking out. Hope this helps.

          1. re: kelmusica

            They're still making cones, etc. at Sylvan Beach.

        2. Daily Scoop in Pasadena (worth the drive from Baltimore, I promise)

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          1. re: jes

            I second the Daily Scoop! If you are in Anne Arundel County, this place it great. Locally run by a husband and wife, supports the local town etc. and they make pretty good homemade ice cream. The favorites in our house are the Toasted Coconut, the Rum Raisin and the White Blizzard. Very tasty!

          2. North Pole Ice Cream Co. on Eastern Ave. in Highlandtown serves Moxley's ice cream and has that old time ice cream counter feel to it. I always indulge in a great banana split when I'm there.


            1. Dunno if they're still open, but Beach Bums in Fed Hill is INCREDIBLE.

              1038 Light St. Federal Hill Baltimore, MD 21230 410-528-8300

              1. Pitango Gelato in Fells' Point is excellent. Absolutely prime ingredients.

                It's Italian-style gelato, which isn't quite the same American ice cream (but somewhat healthier!).

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                1. re: Roland Parker

                  I second Roland's recommendation of Pitango Gelato. Interesting flavors. Good ingredients. Personally speaking, I choose not to patronize any place serving Moxley's because the quality isn't there to my palate.