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Dec 30, 2007 04:41 PM

Atlanta: Mary Mac's or the Colonnade?

Will be visiting Atlanta soon and wanted to hear what these places are like.


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  1. I grew up going to both of these restaurants, since the 70's! I have not been to MM's in many years, it was hard to go after Mary left. I think one of her sons took over and it was never quite the same, it might not even be the same family. But you know how things that are old are new again? Well, The Colonnade is where my G'parents in their 80's still go and mix with a very eclectic crowd. It has become a hip scene to get a great veg plate!

    1. Mary Mac's is almost a historic Atlanta landmark. I ate there a year or so ago and really enjoyed it. (And I am from the "south") Try the old fashion southern classics. Seems like I even remember fried green tomatoes. Pittypat’s Porch may be touristy now it has been around since the '60s. There are a lot of good restaurants downtown and in Buckhead. The Pleasant Peasant was good many years ago (mid town). The Varsity near Georgia Tech is pretty unique.

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        Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Very similar in their menus; Colonnade may have some more blue hairs and the eclectic crowd. These days it's only open for dinner. Pick the one that is more convenient for you. Each one has their die hard fans and their detractors -- same basic principle though. I think the food at MM is a bit better, but the crowd is more enjoyable at Colonnade.

        Avoid Pittypat's at all costs.

      2. I grew up in Atlanta, and I've always seen Mary Mac's as a place to take the tourists, but the Colonnade was the place to eat. My dad used to take me to the Colonnade just about every weekend. The vibe is certainly different between the two, the Colonnade has a great waitress diversity, shall I say. ;)

        Oh, and I don't know about MM's, but you can get a cocktail at the Colonnade, if that matters.

        1. I'm a Colonnade girl, myself. There are lots of southern standards on the menu, and the sides are always good. The fried shrimp is wonderful, and friends swear by the prime rib, too. Be aware that this is a cash-only operation, but there is an ATM out front. Have a good trip!

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            Ate at the Colonnade once and MM's quite a few times. I think they both have their fans, but MM's was my pick. I thought the Colonnade supposedly had the best fried chicken in Atlanta, which is why I went there But no one has mentioned that yet, so....??

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              Best fried chicken is at Son's Place...but MM is super. Like the chicken better there than Colonnade. Oh, and Colonnade is cash only if that makes a difference.