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Feb 12, 2001 05:49 PM

good thai in LB/HB area

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Anyone know where i can get some good Thai in the Long Beach area? I'm new to town and I love my Thai.


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  1. I haven't been there, but there are always people in Phuket Thai on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore. In HB, there's a decent Thai place in the strip mall at Bolsa Chica and Edinger, and a new one at Bolsa Chic and Heil. Can't remember the names of either, though. I think the one at BC/Edinger delivers, if you live in that area.

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      Skip Phuket; worst curries I’ve ever had. In Long Beach I like Star of Siam on Broadway.

      In HB I like Thai Gulf on Beach at Garfield.

      These are your best bets in lieu of going to Thai Town, good not great.

      1. re: Heather seem like quite the expert in this regard Heather. Have you been to Phuket Thai on Beach and Slater in Huntington? Anyone?

        1. re: Austin B

          I have been to both, trust me.

        2. re: Heather

          Where is Thai Town and what are the best restaurants there, please?

          1. re: Bart

            Essentially Hollywood Blvd East of Western Ave.
            Sanamluang is a good start.

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              Palm Thai (on Hollywood Boulevard) is also a good start in Thai Town. If it's too crowded, there's another Thai place of equal quality in the same strip mall, directly opposite of Palm Thai (but no Thai Elvis). Thai Town restaurants seem to feature Northern Thai food so stay away from the traditional curries, but go big for the papaya salad and Larp.

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        Gretchen Ehrenberg

        I live in Huntington Beach and rarely if ever eat Thai in this area. I am more given to riding over to Westminster for Vietnamese. However, the one at Bolsa Chia and Edinder is OK. The new, one Spicy Thai I think it is called, is less then six months old and I thought I would give it a chance to burn in the wok before I venture over there. For me it is a short walk from my door, which would be nice if they indeed turn out to know what they are doing!

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          Gretchen, I should meet you there sometime. I'm in the neighborhood, too. I've been curious about it, too. :)

        2. There are plenty of good Thai places in LBC-it depends
          on what you're looking for. Dear Heart on Anaheim btwn.
          Termino and Redondo has been my second home for the past 8 years, when I'm sick I stumble over for some Tom Kar Kai(Coconut Chicken Soup)and lately even when I'm not. Also try their galic pepper shimp(not many thai places in LB make it like this) and Chicken with chile & mint.Thai Charcoal Pit in Pic n' Save's plaza at Junipero & 7th has great curries, I lived on Shrimp red curry from '92-'96 (you can go pretty spicy here), they've expanded but still might be best for take-out. If you're looking for Beef sate go to Thai BBQ, you'll smell it when you arrive (also has good garlic pepper dishes). The one in Carson is the best(lunch special=cheap & a lot to eat) Thai BBQ is a chain(franchise?). There's one @ Temple & 7th in LB, I didn't like Cerritos(my favorite dishes were completely different and not very tasty)and I've had friends give similar complaints. Star of Siam continues to be good, check out their web site@
          Happy exploring!

          1. Phuket is pretty horrible and Thai Princess (in the Pavilions center on Beach (between Edinger and Heil) is not that much better. Thai Gulf on Beach and Garfield in H.B. is pretty good. Try the Kang Ped Chicken. Best Thai in H.B.: Silk Thai on Beach and Adams (in the shopping center near Supermex). Second best: Hot & Spicy Thai on Heil & Bolsa Chica. Third best: Sea Siam (Bolsa Chica & Edinger). There's another Thai place on PCH in Seal Beach. It used to be amazing when it was Rangthong but now is just very good as Thai Cuisine. Try the Tom Kha Kai. Best Thai I've had in L.B. is at Siamese Rest. at 1628 E. 7th St. Their Thai BBQ chicken is great, especially with their homemade (and bottled for takeout) Sweet & Sour BBQ sauce. Second best I've had is Siam West at 1923 E. Broadway. Get the Ha Mok Tave (Steamboat), an amazing Thai mixed seafood dish. Also good is Bangkok Cuisine at 3426 E. 4th St. Try BBQ Chicken or Phad See Iw. In Cypress, try Thai Place on Ball near Moody. It's one of the best in OC!! Also, in Cypress and pretty reliable: King & I on Ball and Sweetie Thai (somewhat fancier and pricier) on Cerritos and Valley View.