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Dec 30, 2007 04:30 PM

French buffet

can anyone recommend French buffet or French restaurant in toronto gta at decent price?

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  1. Check out this thread:

    I have been to Jules and I enjoyed it. Simple food and good.

    1. One of the old standbys that has been around a long time is Le Paradis on Bedford Rd. It is very much bistro style...hustle bustle, somewhat loud, open kitchen concept. Prices are quite good.

      1. interesting, I've never heard of a French buffet...

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          99.9 % of French food is thought of as a meagre propertion of food with dependence on presentation. Often a sauce is an integral part of the plate, so the transition to a buffet seems like a dead end road. I recall a so called French buffet some decades ago and there was more French in the restaurant name than the food. Not likely a destination for cabbies, construction workers, and others with a desire to fuel a long shift!