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Dec 30, 2007 04:19 PM


My husband has made reservations at Chanterelle to celebrate a very special birthday. I'm curious as to opinions on the restaurant. I haven't seen a thread or a comment on the restaurant in quite some time. (BTW, the other suggestion my husband made is Il Mulino. However, the restaurant never answers the phone so it seems impossible to get a reservation. And, yes, I know comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges.) Thanks in advance for input.

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  1. I went years ago and didn't love it. Go to Jean Georges for great French or even EMP.

    I am one of the few here who like Il Mulino. That being said, Babbo is better.

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      I agree with tpigeon, I went a few months ago and did not have a good experience.

      1. re: lookingforpig

        I went years ago (about 10, haha!) and loved the food and the place. We are actually revisiting tonight (the menu looks amazing), and will report back :-)

    2. Go to Chantarelle, by all means. It never disappoints. You won't just be eating, you'll be dining. It's an event. Go with it.

      1. I saw a fairly recent post with a review, you might want to do a search. I went years ago and the food was delicious, service was flawless. I have not been recently so I defer to other hounds. The only reason I have not returned is because the dining room is very formal.

        1. food is always amazing, service impecable.....but something sterile about the space & atmosphere that seems to make you feel institutionalized

          1. Chanterelle-I was last there in March-the seafood sausage is a must for the last 20 years. Lamb and venison were great. Salmon tasting had very Japanese elements. Cheese plate was great and service, including a visit from Jane Waltuk herself, was magnifiicent. I had heard Il Mulino was unfortunately past its prime.