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Dec 30, 2007 02:56 PM

Best Thai in Stamford, CT?

I've tried Kit's Thai Kitchen, Galangal, and one other place I can't remember the name of. None of them were really great. I was especially disappointed by Kit's Thai Kitchen. Overpriced and totally bland.

Is there any place I'm missing here that has great Thai food?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Tough call...I think you might try to branch out to surrounding towns. TEngda is OK...they have locations in Greenwich and Darien. Even better is Ching's TAble in New Canaan. Neither place is Thai...they are officially Asian Fusion, but many dishes are Thai-influenced.

    1. The King and I in Bridgeport is consistently great Thai, though it's probably 30 min or so from Stamford.

      1. I've found Kit's to be pretty decent. Not claiming its Sripraphai by any means, but above average for suburban fare. FWIW, I haven't found it too bland at Kit's, though I have felt that they tone down the spice too much to my liking. Unfortunately, I don't think there's better in Stamford, nor in the immediately surrounding areas.

        But then again, is there any really great thai anywhere in fairfield or westchester counties?

        At least there isn't a complete dearth, like there is vietnamese or other cuisines!

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          I would stay away from the duck at Kit's in Stamford, the curry's ok. Personally the Curry is the only thing I would get there.

        2. given the slim pickings in stamford for thai cuisine........kit's is handsdown the best.......(for the area).......nothing off the charts.....but good........
          take a ride down to little thai kitchen in greenwich....byob too....

          1. I personally think that Little Thai Kitchen is the best Thai in the area. There are 2 outposts. One in Greenwich (which is tucked back on a suburban street close to the Port Chester boarder) and one in Darien right by the darien train station. I love my Thai food very spicy. I do find at LTK I have to specify "very" spicy. Let us know if you find any better Thai in the area.

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              Little Thai Kitchen only area thai worth my $$$. Greenwich locale is mainly take-out, tho does a fair eat-in business weekday lunch. . . will have to try the Darien LTK.
              Some like Penang Grill in Greenwich too, I've yet to try the somewhat recently opened Thail Basil on RR Ave, as always revert to LTK when I want Thai