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Dec 30, 2007 02:53 PM

Restaurant for Bridal Shower

Hi guys,

I have to plan a bridal shower.

I would like to do a brunch for 35 people. Anyone know a smallish restaurant that wont stick us in a basement room?

I would like to stick to non-spicy foods and no sushi - Italian works best for this group but I am open to any place that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Decor is important to me!

And of course I am on a budget.... Thinking $40 per/person


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  1. How about the upstairs room at Alice's Tea Cup on 64th?

    As for Italian, you might want to check with Crispo. They have great room which aren't in the basement.

    Lastly, The Boathouse is always a great spot for a special occassion brunch.

    1. BG at Bergdorf Goodman has a gorgeous room and does high tea for $40/person including a glass of top notch champagne.

      1. Mine was at Provence on McDougal which has a backroom that's a winter garden. We vetted a ton of places. The food is typical French bistro. I also hosted dinner for the top beauty editors fand they were all happy (needless to say, they're a tough crowd). My sister filled tin buckets with sunflowers...just like St. Remy. 2nd suggestion (maybe more affordable) and a bit more sleek is Gnocco in the East village. The restaurant is very small, a white stucco warm room with a ton of natural light from a glass gardened wall out back. The food is simple, northern Italian, and they used to have delicious rustic tarts. Lastly, I went to en engagement party at Duane Park cafe in Tribecca. It's another small restaurant that you could take over. Also a friend had hers at Battery Park Gardens (larger room), and was delightful.

        1. The Inn on Irving for tea/food and a glass of champagne. Will cost about $50/head, but I did it last year. It was a hit and it's beautiful inside.