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Dec 30, 2007 02:13 PM

Popeyes - Grand Opening Chinatown!


Located on the corner of Chrystie street and Canal street ( off Manhattan bridge exit; close to Fung Wah bus stop). It was a mad house, with crowds spilling onto what was formerly a quiet street. I guess chinatown was deprived of its favorite chicken since the last popeyes on Bowery closed down. Payback is a b*tch.

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  1. OMG!
    They have the worst, and I mean the worst food..... EVER!

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      1. re: Tay

        Disagree. Popeye has some of the best fried chicken, awesome fried turkey at Thanksgiving, and several tasty sides. At least for those of us who enjoy the food and don't judge it by it's 'chain-ness.'

        1. re: drmoze

          I'm no 'food snob' IAs a rule, I would not judge a place by it's "chain-ness."
          but aside from their passable onion rings I really think their food is terrible. I do, however,respect my fellow posters, enthusiasm

        2. re: Tay

          If you check the archives here, you will find much praise for Popeye's chicken.

        3. It is a big, shining monolith--at least the time I passed by it before it opened. It seems unusually large in comparison to its neighbors.

          1. as a native new orleanian where popeyes started, I can say that popeyes fried chicken is some of the best around. also, if you can get your hands on some of pop's onion rings, go for it. I think they may have taken them off the menu but I would put their onions rings up there with del friscos!

            1. I saw that over the weekend and was indignant. Why doesn't someone open up a Popeye's back in midtown, to replace the two in the 40s that closed?

              Maybe a Chowhound joint investment!